Dupuytrens Contracture, Rowing and Sculling - Is there a link?

Two Generations of Dupuytrens

Having recently received a first week of treatment for Dupuytrens in Hamburg, I had a chat with my father who also has suffered from it and had about four sets of surgery operations aiming to make bent fingers straight.

The objective of going to Hamburg was to be treated by Prof. Seegenschmiedt with radiation therapy.

sculling hands

Wear and Tear on the hands with Sculling

Some time back I just thought that my sculling calluses were just bigger than everyone else's and it wasn't much to consider.

Then my father had his Dupuytrens diagnosed by a doctor and later went on to have traditional hand surgery.

From then I kept a closer eye on my hands and realised that I had the start of the same thing.

Whilst sculling is a great sport I think that it might accelerate the process of Dupuytrens if someone is prone to it.

Dupuytrens Contracture Rowing Sculling Early Stage Both Hands

Large detailed photos of early stage Dupuytrens Contracture at Stage-N and Stage-I click are at this link:
Dupuytrens Early Stage Photos taken in a studio

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with Prof Seegenschmiedt at the Strahlenzentrum in Hamburg
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Dupuytrens Radiation Treatment Report, Hamburg June 2012

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